What Can I Expect at the First Treatment?

Generally in someone’s first treatment we will do a complete initial health assessment from a Chinese Medicine perspective, discuss your chief complaints and get a history of other treatments you may have had from physicians or other practitioners, including any medications that you currently may take.

We will take your pulse from a Chinese Medicine perspective and look at your tongue. We may also take your blood pressure and other vital signs and perform orthopedic evaluation tests for certain kinds of injuries.

During the treatment, you’ll receive one to twenty needles. The needles are as thin as 0.12 mm, which is about the thickness of the average human hair. The needles illicit a relaxing response on the body. You’ll lay with those needles for 15 – 45 minutes, usually under a warm lamp. You are clothed during the session, unless you are unable to come in loose and comfortable clothing. If you have a fear of needles, we will use acupressure or gentle electrical stimulation, which feels like sutble vibrations on the skin, instead of needles.