When is Acupuncture NOT Recommended?

I would not recommend acupuncture in the following situations.  However herbs might be effective and appropriate instead of needles in some of these circumstances.

  1. With acute problems for which no Western medical attention has yet been sought (for example: emergencies, a potential fracture, asthma attack, bleeding, blood in the stools, stabbing pain in the body);
  2. If you are dizzy, feint or under-fed;
  3. If you have severe low blood pressure;
  4. If you have recently experienced hemorrhaging or blood loss; or
  5. If you have a bleeding disease or hemophilia;

Lastly, although acupuncture is ideal for assisting post-op after a surgery, it is generally a good idea to let your body recover from the process of the surgery for ten to thirty days depending on the severity of the surgery.