Healing is collaborating with a part of yourself you might not even know is there.
New Medicine, 2002

At Healthy Healing Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, we believe in a Holistic approach to healing your entire being not just individual ailments.


Compassion is the bedrock of our treatment.  We want our words, actions, and care to first and foremost reduce your illness and stress; not add to it. We believe in listening to patients and working within their lifestyles to improve health, remove disease, and create well-being.

Integration with Western Medicine Colleagues

Whether you have your own network of providers or need Healthy Healing Acupuncture referrals to them, we strive to work with — and cultivate relationships with — attentive, experienced Western doctors, physical therapists, surgeons, Ayurvedic practitioners, and chiropractors so that your treatment takes advantage of a strong team.

Safe and Effective Care

Our treatments are gentle, relaxing, and effective. Our modalities of treatment include: acupuncture, cupping, TENS and electrical stimulation, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, far infrared heat, exercise instruction, and ear seeds.